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Welcome to Cowell Jade Mining.  Cowell Jade, a division of Gemstones Australia. Is the true source mine direct source of Australian Nephrite Jade.  We can supply! Our products have been called Australian Jade, Australian Black Jade, Black Nephrite Jade, Black Jade, Premium Black Jade, Cowell Jade, Cowell Black Jade. It all comes from the same mine. Whether you require 100 kgs or 100 ton, we can supply.


It has been stated that Cowell Jade has the largest know reserves of Jade, in the world and is Australia's only Nephrite Jade mine. The site exploration undertaken by the South Australian Mining Department, has estimated the jade reserve at 80,000 ton. The South Australian Department of mines, has verified that the product is genuine nephritic Jade. 

We guarantee all of our Jade is 100% real nephrite Jade.


Jagged outcrop of Cowell Jade                       Black Cowell Jade                                                     Interlocking fibres of Cowell nephrite Jade

To view the South Australian Department of mines report. Click Here  

Cowell jade exhibits a variety of colours and textures, but consists predominantly of medium to fine-grained material showing greenish yellow to green hues, grading to black. Three main varieties are marketed — green nephrite, black nephrite and premium black nephrite. 


Cowell black jade takes a very high polish by simple lapidary techniques. Very fine-grained premium black takes a mirror-like polish.


 There are also rare varieties which exhibit spectacular patterns, including varieties with dendritic inclusions, and wavy banding on the rind of near-surface boulders. Which vary in colour from Pale Whites to Light Grey and Olivine in colour.


Nephrite Black

Great example of Nephrite black jade from our mine

Jade Carvings

An example of what a true craftsman can do with our product

Freshly Mined Jade

Here you can see our jade in its rawest form