Jade in the modern world

Many gemstones are associated with milestone anniversary dates, including Jade. Jade is traditionally given on the 12th or 35th wedding anniversary as a symbol of strength and endurance in a relationship and a reminder of a special bond in our lives. Often a pendant is given to women and statues are given to men.

Modern sources list Jade as the birthstone for August and the mythical birthstone of March. The stone is associated with the astrological sign Virgo and was used in ancient times as a talisman to reward lasting friendships and good luck. Jade promotes healing, granting the wearer inner balance and peace. Its calming nature aids to deflect negative energy and is used as a tool for a conscious mind.

Medals in the Beijing 2008 Olympics
The 2008 Beijing Olympic medals were distinctive due to their rings of Jade surrounding the metal. Since true Chinese Jade is extremely rare, the medals took on an even greater significance. As an old Chinese saying goes, 黃金有價玉無價, translated as “You can put a price on gold, but you cannot put a price on Jade.”

Anniversary Ring

Ring given as an anniversary gift

Olympic Medal

2008 Olympic Medal with jade surround

Aniversary Gift

Jade gift often given as an anniversary gift